Scale For Success 2018 — East Africa Programme

Entrepreneur applications

Applications are open for our 2018 Scale for Success Programme in Kenya where we are seeking a total of 20 purpose-driven entrepreneurs with high potential. More information about the programme and what we're looking for is available here.

More information and answers to frequently asked questions can be found here. In case you have trouble filling in this form online, please download the application form to complete offline. Please email any offline applications and/or questions to us at [email protected].

Please fill out the sections below using the instructions below each field.

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(Business must be based in Kenya and entrepreneurs must be able to travel to Nairobi once a month for the programme)
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We want to know what your products and services are. Don’t just list them but describe them.
Describe what your business does. This is a description as it is on a practical basis and not what is written in the Memorandum of Association.
Describe how your product, service or business model is different from others in the market.
Tell us how your company will grow and what key changes will have happened in that time period.
Be as specific and concise as possible.
Please take your time to answer this question as this will help ensure that we capture these as the key learnings.